It will probably come to no one’s surprise that the kitchen generally leads the way in trendsetting. Where the kitchen goes, the rest of the house tends to follow. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather and spend most of the time in our homes.

Blue. Was. Everywhere. All different shades. From blue cabinetry to blue tile and even blue-hued countertops. That also includes blue walls. And not just specifically in the farmhouse trend, similar to the picture above, but modern, industrial, traditional, you name it. Blue is coming. Makes the Royals fan in us smile. PS, we miss baseball.

Quartz countertops that look like wood, marble, or even more exotic appearance. The Inalco booth was nothing short of incredible. It was like walking through an art gallery. They had full slabs hanging like artwork. The above picture is the Arizona line. But if you want to see something that has the ability to really set a trend, check out the Azalai collection. This company in Spain really has its finger on the pulse of design.

Big doors. All of the major window and door companies are pushing towards big doors. The picture above is a curved moving wall system by Andersen Windows & Doors. There were several booths that were also touting full corner wall systems, with multiple glide panels, which were incredible. Additionally, large front doors were also being touted, specifically 9 to 13 ft tall doors.

One last item that we found interesting was the Samsung AirDresser. We couldn’t take a picture of the booth, so we had to borrow this picture. At their booth they had it set inside a mock walk-in master closet. At around $1,400 this one may be a bit of a stretch for most budgets, but we thought it was really neat. It’s allows you to hang your shirts, dress pants, sweaters and delicates inside and then it uses a heating or steaming process to clean them.

We hope that we have your creative side jumping for joy with a few new options to consider in your home remodel or new home build. Let us know which product or idea you’re wanting to see in your home!